CATz Soft Ltd is dedicated to the development of high-quality software and web-based projects. Our team offers a range of consulting services and supports our projects based on the web.

We have expertise in several areas, including:

  • Developing IT solutions for the Forex market, including creating various applications for the MetaTrader platform, such as the development of robots.
  • Developing mobile internet applications, offering integrated solutions based on QR-codes.
  • Selling software products, including programs for music and gaming machines, digital Jukeboxes, and media players that play background music constantly.
  • Providing web design services, including developing web portals and web shops.
  • Creating software products such as travel diaries and software for time tracking, which are indispensable tools for entrepreneurs.
  • Developing IT applications for security systems, including room access control, control of input and output, and automatic opening doors.
  • Offering SEO optimization for different websites.
  • Developing software in various other areas.
  • Providing consulting services.

At CATz Soft, we are committed to being a reliable partner throughout the entire software development process, from the beginning of the project up to its launch. Our portfolio demonstrates a diverse range of knowledge and skills, and we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.