CATz Soft Ltd offers a range of innovative Internet-based projects, software solutions, and hardware products to help streamline your business operations. Here are some of our offerings:

Internet-Based Projects:

  • – an online reservation system for restaurants, pubs, bowling alleys, and more.
  • – QR-code based applications for customer service.
  • – an online marketplace to sell or give away items.
  • StockMann – accounting software for machines and spare parts.
  • PDM – a parcel delivery management system.


  • Music Taxi – digital music machines, also known as Jukeboxes.
  • MusicSnack – a software that plays music based on customer orders.
  • PhoneRecorder – software that records phone calls and saves them in MP3 format.
  • AccessManager – an access system for buildings and rooms.


  • Sõidupäevik – software for creating reports about car usage.
  • ProjectorControl – software that controls projectors.
  • DownloadMaster – software that automates downloading new files from a server.
  • PhonoMusic – software that plays different playlists at specified times.
  • LanguageTrainer – software for learning foreign words.


  • Smart Power Supply – hardware that turns equipment power on/off at scheduled times.
  • Line CutOff – hardware that cuts background lines when it receives a controlling signal.

Our team at CATz Soft Ltd is committed to delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to meet your business needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.